Peak Connector

Email Marketing and Beyond — with Intelligence

As you learn about a contact, you can send personalized messages that align perfectly with their interests — whether they’re on your website, browsing their inbox, or out-and-about on a mobile device.

Send Beautiful Emails

Use our drag-and-drop campaign builder to design eye-catching campaigns. Personalize your message to engage your contacts and convert more customers.

Data-Backed Decisions Made Easy

All of your customer data will be consolidated and organized so you have a complete picture of your customers and business. You’ll be able to gain the insight you need to drive your company forward.

Use Goals to Measure & Optimize

Create custom goals to calculate the effectiveness of your growth processes and improve them over time.

Consolidate Data Into a Single Source

Bring third-party data in, organize it, and leverage it to personalize your marketing & sales processes.

Reveal Insight With Detailed Reports

See exactly what is and isn’t working. Dig into your data to pinpoint opportunities for growth.

The Tools and Resources You Need to Succeed

Extend functionality with integrated add-ons and get in-depth training and support as needed. You’ll always have what you need to move your business forward.

Site & Event Tracking

Capture web browsing data for each contact and create custom events to track key behavior.

The Chrome Extension

Work out of your Gmail account and manage your contacts anywhere online.

Integrated Form Builder

Create four high-converting form types and use them to trigger your marketing and sales automation.